When: August 10-11-12
Where: on LAN, at the Gaylord Texan, in Dallas, USA.
Start Time: 09:00 CDT, 10 August 2023
Total prize money : $150,000
Stream A: twitch https://www.twitch.tv/quake or YouTube https://www.youtube.com/quake
Stream B: twitch https://www.twitch.tv/quake2

Qualified players:
-> From the QPL : Italy Vengeur, United States of America Rapha, Germany K1llsen, Hungary Raisy, Australia Zenaku, Argentina Maxter, Brazil Nosfa, United States of America Strongsage, United States of America Dramis, Poland Av3k, Serbia Serious, Canada Cha1n, Sweden Toxjq, United States of America Psygib, United States of America Sib, Ukraine Xron.
-> From the challengers : United Kingdom Garpy, Estonia Cnz, Latvia Bukster, Sweden Keltz, Australia Dandaking, Sweden Spart1e, Argentina Yup, United States of America Effortless.

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions, Poland Av3k, Serbia Serious, Ukraine Xron and Argentina Yup won't be able to come.

Format : The challengers and bottom seeds from the QPL fight it out in a group stage. The best two from each group will be able to join the top 8 QPL seeds into a double elimination bracket.

Brackets / Results:
- Official page (click on "Quake World Championship")
- Liquipedia coverage

Day 1 schedule : here (local times).
Day 2 schedule : here (local times).
Day 3 schedule : here (local times).

PS: For those attending QuakeCon, don't hesitate to say hello to John Carmack, creator of the Quake series, who will be there as well after a long absence.