To celebrate 20 years of freedom fries, is organizing a QL CTF showmatch tonight featuring United Kingdom vs Europe all-stars as part of their "Organ Grinder" series. Lineups are as follows:

Team "The Island":

United Kingdom Drayan
United Kingdom Aph3x
United Kingdom Rashan
United Kingdom Sno
United Kingdom fo_tbh

Team "2Fast":

Denmark Jcb
Turkey Raist
Norway Mastermind
Croatia Makie
France Fulgore

The QL match is scheduled for 17:40 CDT, although the stream itself will already be live at 13:00 CDT with a series of QC, QC:DE, Doombringer and Action Quake 2 showmatches being played beforehand.

Stream: twitch TastySpleenTV
More info: TastySpleenTV