OMG Drayan kept nagging me about not being allowed to leaeve his house and how he would break curfew if I didn't organize another ctf draft cup!

I guess we can't have Drayan roaming around somewhere in the UK breaking curfew right? So here it is, atleast, in all it's glory: OMG QL CTF DRAFT CUP #7? (Honestly, I have no idea xD)

We are going with the same format as previous cups, in other words; you HAVE to sign in to and make your stats public. Otherwise creating teams will be a complete nightmare, would also be nice if you could try to play a couple of games before the cup because of earlier mentioned reason.

Finding games is best done at House of Quake discord #ctf pickup. Hope to see you there, bring a friend or relative.

Ooooh, btw, we now thanks to MM have an awesome PROMO-video:

SIGN UP starts on sunday the 17th at 10:00 CET
Time: 13:00 BST, 17 May 2020

* The final/ and or semifinal will be played between the two best teams or the group winners

Streams: twitch xiphos twitch vidjee

Hope to see you folks there! It's gonna be GLOROUS!