Scheduled: 16:30 CDT, 17 April 2016 to 20:30 CDT, 17 April 2016
Schedule: Passed

After the rescheduling and eventual cancellation of duel cup #16, I'm pleased to announce that the rest of the season will be going ahead as planned. There will be one final cup on the scheduled date and then the playoffs the following week. In the playoffs the players who have gathered the most points during the season will face off for larger cash prizes.

Due to the cancellation of NADC #16 nobody will be awarded points for that cup, so Rapha is free to continue his clean sweep.

As to why I'm making this thread, unfortunately Flair has decided to step down from running this competition for now. I've been in contact with him and everything is OK, however it isn't the best time for him to be doing these. If anyone wants to help run the cup on the day, especially North Americans, that would be fantastic.

Results: YouTube Playlist
Many thanks to Gilanguar from twitch ArenaFPS for casting with us.

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