It's pretty annoying and gives me a headache. I've had this monitor for years because I wanted 120hz for Quake. The color quality was shit coming from a CRT but I adapted eventually. I still hate the fact that dark games are unplayable and movies are pretty annoying to watch.

Anyway, I don't have money now to get a new one, so I was wondering if there is something I can do about this, or just the capacitors or something starting to die.

I have no idea when it started, I have noticed lately that I had a headache, and I noticed an instant relief after turning it off, I realized the humming noise then.

PS: In case there is no solution, im interested in alternatives, i'll start saving money. I want it to be at least 120hz and I want it to have better colors than this, specially for dark games.

Edit: I've just realized turning down brightness all the way up eliminated the humming noise, im coping with it by playing with the contrast setting, for now it will have to do. Thank god max brightness on this monitor is not too aggressive.
Maybe I can use software to lower it a bit?