I have the original Zowie FK (not 2014) I was happy with the mouse, except it's weird custom lens design which is meant to lower the LOD. Basically it collects dust like a magnet, the dust gets trapped inside. Then I found out you can actually open the mouse up, and detatch the weird angled lens part with a small screw driver. Then you get left with a Zowie FK and a standard lens, the ONLY difference is a slightly higher LOD by maybe 2mm. Still very low. But now I don't have any tracking issues due to dust in the lens. Hope this helps others.

Also if you want to give it a go, you don't need any guidance photos or anything (I didn't have any) the mouse comes apart really easily, the teflon feet re-attach really nicely. Even if you stuff your teflon feet up, you have a spare set that came with the mouse originally. Once inside, the trickiest bit is just looking at the lens and realising which part to snap off (It's designed to be removable, it comes off easily) But once you see it, it's really easy.