Hello everybody. Here's another interview from Esportactu featuring France Simon "Guismo12" T., one of the best French player at the moment, to whom we wanted to ask some questions about the NationsCups with the CTF grand final approaching. Guismo12 talks about France defeat against Russia in the TDM final, the current state of the French team and player base, the CTF and CA competitions, and that's about it.

Here is an extract of the interview:
France Esportactu: Whatís your opinion about the atmosphere of the event? We know that it's not really the first time bad words are exchanged between l1nkin, winz and the RussiansÖ What do you think of it ?

France Guismo12: Itís part of the show ! No, Iím kidding. Every player has his behavior and nobody likes to lose. Sometimes there are uncalled-for words in those cases, itís not the best example of fair-play that we could see but well, itís not that serious. The players know each other well and everything is forgotten :).


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