This year's QuakeCon features tournaments in Quake Live and Doom 2. On Thursday the Quake Live Intel Duel Masters and 20th Anniversary DOOM Challenge will kill off, while on Friday the Quake Live Clan Arena 3v3 Open will mostly take place.

The Duel Masters this year will feature a slightly different format than usually. The 32 players are divided over eight groups. But instead like the normal format, the top players are in one group, and will fight for the top four seeds, and so on, giving interesting matches straight from the bat. All players move on from the groups, which are to determine seeds, to the Double Elimination bracket.

The stream will be on QuakeCon on Twitch TV, with commentary by United Kingdom Xavier "Zoot" Dhorne and United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, and production by FACEIT.

Links: QC Tournament, QC Group Standings, QC Demos