We are very proud to announce that we will be running the tournaments section of the BYOC at this years QuakeCon. We will be bringing you a ton of different Quakelive game types to compete in and of course we will be running the QuakeCon BYOC Quake Live Open Duel competition. Anyone who is attending will be able to sign up for any and all events that we host in the BYOC. Prizing will be offered by our main sponsor partner RAZER.

We have worked very hard at featuring some new games as well as many other popular titles that everyone of all ages enjoys to play. These featured games will also have some of the events streamed live and we will also have a main stage with ten laptops for finalists to battle for top spot on.

We will also be running events for: SC2, LoL, Urban Terror, DOTA2, and CSGO. These are the main games that we have plans to run events for but as you all know there is alot more that ends up going on at QCON once you get there so feel free to come say hello to all of us at our booth in the BYOC.

Links: twitter.com @ESportSolutions, Facebook @ESortSolutions