It has been almost two weeks since successful draft tournament #2, with more than 100 players attending ( This made us think about another tournament already, which will be happening on Sunday 17th of February. But there are matters which need to be discussed and we would like to know your opinion about them.

We can all agree that having BO1 in the first round is unfair towards some teams, so we would like to push the signups time from previous 11:00 CDT to 10:00 CDT, and start the tournament one hour earlier (11:00 CDT) and make sure that all the games are played as BO3. Feel free to comment about the earlier start.

Another thing to discuss is the maplist. We were pretty happy with the previous maplist (Dreadful Place, Hidden Fortress, Limbus, Purgatory, Terminatria), but unfortunatelly the last map on the list hasn't been played a single time. That's why we would like you to vote in the comments on the 5th map in the maplist. Your vote can either go to Grim Dungeons, Intervention or Terminatria.

For those who don't know what a draft tournament is, you can find an explanation in our previous newspost about #tdmpickup draft 2. See you @ #tdmpickup and !add.

Links:, Draft #1 Stats, Draft #2 Stats