This week FACEIT is back with our Daily Cups, this time in a changed format.

This week we will be hosting one cup per day, from Monday till Thursday. Each cup's check-in will open on 13:30 CDT, with the cup itself starting at 14:30 CDT.

It will start with the Level 4 and 6 cups on Monday and Tuesday respectively, which will have no buy-in and a $10 prize. On Wednesday and Thursday there will be the Level 8 and 10 cups respectively. Both will have a $1 buy-in and a $25 prize.

The cups will have a slight change compared to previous weeks. Blood Run will be replaced by Campgrounds. The map picking process will be drop-drop in the Best-of-3 rounds.

United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia and United Kingdom Xavier "Zoot" Dhorne will once again be streaming the Level 10 Cup this week, on Thursday. The stream will go live at 14:00 CDT on FACEIT TV.

Stream: United Kingdom FACEIT TV
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