-- You'll understand if you read lol, and don't take it seriously just its an interesting question lol --

So my tinfoil hat popped on and I was like what if this update and zotac cancellation thing was all planned out? So For 80% of dissatisfied customers tell 10 people and in addition 20% of dissatisfied customers tell 20 people. There even seems to be more activity on the ESR/QL forums, even i'm posting and i'm not big on posting frequently. So hey that's not a bad idea, bad publicity is still publicity and hey well just fix the update later down the road and will be like were sorry , and we'll be like oh youuuuu

But gaming for instance maybe this doesn't apply to this rule. For example: I haven't mentioned this update to anyone besides posting on ESR. So my ultimate question to you ESR. Why don't we talk about QL to none quakers? (good or bad) And in addition why don't we talk about games to none gamers?

Reference for the statistics