So two major LANs cut QuakeLive from their lineup, and everyone is wondering why? We talk about Carmac’s appearance on LO3, the decision to cut the game from the IEM major LAN series and what effect it might have on the game's future. Does this this mean the end for QuakeLive as a mainstream competitive game? If your answer is yes, think about why. Is it the lack of support from id? Is it the design of the game and lack of features? Is it the community’s fault for not trying to foster more competition at the lower level to try and bring in more players? Are people just over the deathmatch game style?

We also quickly talk about the StarCraft 2 event at Dreamhack, and how important the outcome was for the foreigner scene. WHITE PEOPLE HAVE A SAVIOR (pun intended).

Also, we’re going to start keeping an eye on the LOL competitive scene and hope to have someone on that can tell us a little more about the game and also how it got to be so popular. Stay tuned.

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