Last Sunday was our first qualifier for the Australia Australian and New Zealand New Zealand in which our tuned-in viewers witnessed probably the greatest and most exciting games held within the Australian and New Zealand region since the introduction of Quake Live. Quake 3 Australian national representative Australia Andrew "python / Chacha" mixed it up with Quake Live Australian national representative Australia Daniel "dandaking" De Sousa and our usual high-end players Australia Peter "Ventz" Kidson, Australia Tim "zlr" Shey and Australia David "ZenAkU" Addati. The competition was double elimination with the "spoiler brackets" if you can't wait to watch the three hours worth of classy commentated games between these 5 players. Because of the length the VOD's were broken into two parts in-order of the games below. I would also like to take the time to mention that if you do enjoy our coverage we are still raising money to send the winner Germany for those of you with big hearts :)

VODs: Qualifier #1 (Part 1, Part 2), Qualifier #2 (Full)
Links: mIRC Facebook - Live Stream, Facebook - Intel Extreme Masters