Five matches, two wins – sadly three losses. Fragster sat down at CeBIT for an interview with Daniel "dandaking" De Sousa and mickzerofive from 4seasonsGaming. They are not only talking about the group stage B and the really great chances for the australian eSport scene, but also their upcoming plans.

fragster: I'm here with dandaking from Australia. Daniel, yesterday you said something like "I need a minute – heart beating" in your ingame-chat – why, what was going on?

Daniel 'dandaking' de Sousa: Because I was up, i think, 7:1 at the start on t7 versus Spart1e and then he starts a comingback and it was 7:6 and I was like getting really nervous, because I was fright that he's gonna get the kill. And then I got a kill after that and I won 8:6 and I was going really crazy, because I can't believe it – I was in shock, I guess.

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