I already made a post about Version .51 which I just labeled 2023, but I thought I would mention I did finally recover the prior prototype RC9 and I hotfixed it. So I just wanted to make a little update on whats going on with this mod. So basically, I needed to merge the contents within the RC9 Update (VM01.pk3) and overwrite contents inside of the March 29th Version (VM.pk3). After this, the mod works great.

I have decided to release a Hotfix on ModDB for all to use, hopefully you will like what this mod is like now. I think this is basically the restoration project concluded, in the future I will be uploading a few other prototype versions of Spiterbot but I still need to sort through potential incompatibility issues first.

I'd recommend playing any other bot but Spite, typically around level 70. The accuracy and response time are now reduced appropriately to the skill level. Spite is still a raw aimbot with perfect reaction speed, so play him at your own peril.