TEK9 are preparing their coverage of the DreamHack Winter 2010 Quake Live tournaments, posting a Preview of the tend players you need to look out for the most.

The first post, released earlier today, focuses on the Favourites of the event. It included an extensive look at players such as Russia Cooller, Belarus Cypher and United States of America rapha.

Here is a small excerpt of the article:
"There is one golden rule concerning champions and winning streaks: they will end. The question usually focuses on the when and not how or if. Oddly enough, the home-grown QuakeCon 2010 would be the setting and place for Shane "rapha" Hendrixson's reign to end. Prior to the event, he had said he did not feel as comfortable as usual and would experience a hard event, but the way and spot he crashed out was far outside anyone's expectations. Throughout the event he was looking shaky and the gruesome schedule (as he was also playing for a CTF team there and everyone constantly had to switch between CTF and Duel) played a toll on his nerves and his usually so calm self."
So if you are interested in Quake Live and looking forward to the DreamHack Winter 2010 events, be sure to head on over to TEK-9 and read this article.