Three new players were today invited to join the fight with Poland av3k, Russia Cooller, Sweden fox and United States of America DaHanG to win the Kasperskys Quake Live Championship 2010.

Along with the invites the map were also made official. A slight change from the previous big tournaments and since the maps were tweaked and a few was added.

Another pleasant surprise is that Level Up Tv will be the official streaming partner for Dreamhack Winter 2010.
Level Up will send a team of experienced shoutcasters and broadcasters to Dreamhack to provide on site coverage. We at Dreamhack thinks this is a major step in the right direction to get you the best Quake Live event ever!
More infos and schedule will be released at Level Ups site.

Stay tuned for the next update, where possible online and international qualifiers will be announced, more players and the tournament schedule!