The last 3 invites were today handed out. First out is the FPS-Legend from the CPL World Tour a few years back, Netherlands Vo0. The Dutch player has been attending to DreamHack a few times before, claiming the Gold in the DreamHack CPM tournament.

The bronze medal winner of our last Quake Live tournament this summer was also invited: France strenx.

The last invite goes to the Swedish Quake profile Sweden fazz, who impressed everyone this summer with his enjoyable mind and play style and thus won the Kaspersky's Award for his performance!

With the three last invites an additional International Qualifier was announced. It will take place in Spain during the 13th of November. Notable attendees in Spain is Sl1p and p0ni amongst others.

After the 14th of November when the qualifier in The Czech Republic is finished the lineup for the Kaspersky's Quake Live Championships will be complete.

Links:, Tournament info, Rules