I will let the screenshots in this post do most of the talking.

Incubus - Notorious North American CTF Tierslummer.



.403 crew, aware of Incubus' tierslumming yet their inaction to do anything about it has put id's team in a bad light.

The supporting cast: (.403)

Syncerror: QL Community Manager
Lilie: Syncerror's real world wife
Matefeedkill: QL Moderator and Incubus' best friend

This is the example you're setting id software? You will be grouped in with his actions if you continue to allow incubus' behavior in your game. Furthermore you have allowed him to have an unlimited # of accounts. So he has special privileges further proving he's allowed to roam free and do as he wishes.


Syncerror banned me for bringing this to the rest of the ql community's attention

To INcubus: you can only go crying to sync everytime someone mentions your name on the ql forum for so long untill Sync wakes up and realizes that you're the problem.

I'm not alone in this thinking and others know about it. Observe:

To Sync: i have sent an email to Bethesda Software, you can check it with them and notified them of INcubus' bad behavior and your tolerance for it. IF you really want to go down with the ship then by all means continue to allow him to abuse the skill matching system.