Got a new Xbox so Iím back on XBL now.. mostly playing MW2 (currently level 27 after about 10hrs of play)

I've also got SSF4 which I suck at, but Iíve always sucked at fighting games..

No time for QL recently though :-(

If you want to ad me on XBL my nick is "CircleJump" (the result of having to think of a name quickly when signing up...)

Applied for an IT Trainee job that pays the same as my current job, bit more travel and shitty hours, but will give me some qualifications and experience.

Going Squash 3 times a week with a bit of running in between, trying to lose my beer gut.. I've cut chocolate, crisps/chips & cheese out of my diet in an effort to reduce my calorie intake.

Web design
Finished my IT repair company website and it looks decent enough for a 3rd effort.

I'm now learning JS, PHP and mySQL as I would like to design an e-commerce website for the business i currently work for (but may not do soon if I get that job, but it's something to do otherwise..)