The Q3 rAge Quake III, 64 player ,1 versus 1 Tournament was held in South Africa from the 3rd to the 4th of October 2009 during the South Africa rAge 2009 Expo, hosted by Arena77

"Both the Europeans, Sweden Spart1e and France L1nkje managed to beat their respective South African opponents in the Semi-Finals. Moving on to the Grand Finals.
Spart1e mentioning that it was "really close" and that he was "extremely impressed" by the capabilities of both South Africa Ph4ntom and South Africa Shase.
All the participants received their prizes, with Spart1e taking home a brand new Intel Core i7, MSI motherboard, Sapphire HD4650, 'Worlds top water cooling system' and a number of other goodies. Both Fnatic players and Ph4ntom, Shase have also been interviewed by LanGamesTV." - Pantheon Gaming

Entire collection of demos from rAge including practice games

Gameplay : CPMA 1.46 (VQ3)
Map List: pro-q3dm6, pro-q3tourney4, pro-nodm9, ztn3tourney1 and hub3aeroq3
Noteable Atendees: Sweden spart1e, France Linkje, South Africa Ph4ntom, South Africa Shase, South Africa Detrony

Sources: Pantheon Gaming - Arena77 - doGaming