Taking a break from dueling, Team EG's Chance Lacina took a stab at writing his very own guide to Quake Live, for both beginners and hardcore gamers alike. His guide, a four part Quake Bible, takes a more philosophical approach at dueling in hopes of guiding readers to make the right decisions both in-game and out.
This article is structured around insight. Insights are the foundation for your improvement; the building blocks of your game. They enable you to make the right choices at the right times. Without them, you can't build a structure strong enough to carry you into the next level. Remember that in every step forward there is an often hidden insight holding it in place that you must find in order to further establish it as your strength. Meaning, if you're playing great - there's a reason why. You have to find that reason to retain that level of play. If you're playing miserably, there's a reason why. You have find that reason and stamp it out.

The following sections primarily contain insights to help you improve your game on your own, this is the most important thing you can learn. You won't always have someone to tell you how to play. Irregardless I cover a few key subjects that should be your primary focus every time you play. Those two subjects are enemy status and timing. We'll get to them a little later. For now, we need to understand some principles to keep your head together.

Part 1: Intro and Discipline
Part 2: Presence and Enemy Awareness
Part 3: Resource Timing and Aim
Part 4: Motivation, Resolve, and Conclusion