This Sunday, Excello will be hosting their fifth WarSow duel cup! This time around is special however - two years ago, the first ever Excello WarSow duel cup was held. The cup was a massive success, with the gaming superstar
Netherlands Sander Vo0 Kaasjager claiming first place - fighting off a torrid amount of new players.

Signups are open to everyone!

If you’re a Warsow veteran or a player looking for a bit of fun, all you need is the latest version of Warsow (0.42 is available at official Warsow homepage), an account on, and a finger to click and sign up!

The rules:
- The cup starts on Sunday 22 June, 18 CET, and it will be finished the same day
- Single elimination bracket system
- Best of three (BO3) format
- Timelimit of 10 minutes
- Players must check-in 10 minutes before the tournament starts

Map pool:
wdm3, wdm5, wdm6, wdm10a, wdm15

The best of the action from the cup will be shown on WarSowTV provided by the ever helpful Sweden dendrofil - and take your fingers out of your ears and cross them! We hope to get the voice of Warsow itself, QuadV Netherlands A_Spec, to cast the later stages! Make sure you tune in!