Great, now recently Diablo spawned a journal entry about why we started using CPMA against OSP and that for this the reason is within CPL deciding to use it for their competition of whatsoever which never spawned in the end.
Through the years I had more or less always a negative approach to CPMA and especially against its arrogant lead programmer arQon. Well I still donít think itís a superior mode, but in the end I agree with him and the rest of the CPMA team that at the very last OSP would be pretty much the same as CPMA is now if Rhea would continue to write OSP, or they would even merge years ago.
We are writing the year 2008 and for me itís perfectly fine for CPMA to take over the OSP crowd, so thereís no biggie for me, not that you would care, but thereís no point arguing over that, Quake 3 is 9 years old, I really could care less for what mod is being used with it. In the past I played actively and I had concerns changing from OSP to CPMA, there was tons of difference, ďbugs ď in CPMA that made a transition from OSP painful, and to this day there still are issues, but thereís no point arguing them as said, the developers of CPMA donít listen, and the CPMA crowd is used to their game the way it is, the numbers of OSP players and Quake 3 players in general is shrinking from day to day, so really not a big deal what mod is used. Splitting the community is an issue, thus I would suggest that everything switches to one mod, that should probably be CPMA.
However that doesnít mean I still donít have questions in the back of the head about the so called superiority in perfection of the mod thatís CPMA. I will write down one of many thoughts now about this and I clearly expect negative responses like itís usual, especially from arQon himself.

In every discussion of OSP vs. CPMA the main argument (out of many) why CPMA is superior is the infamous netcode improvements. Ok great I read the same comments about this up and down and in the end it still makes little sense to me.
How can the netcode be superior if it allows players with ping difference play on the same level? Is it only me or is this completely non-logical . How can a player with 100ms ping enjoy the same game as someone with 30ms ping and how can he achieve or being close to achieve the same stats as the player who has virtually zero ping?
This boggles me a lot. How can you make the 80ms ping difference just disappear? And if you do it, is this actually better for the game? I mean, if I play someone from the USA here in Europe, and I see him rail for 50% with a ping of 150ms I ask myself is that really him, or is it CPMA that predicts his shots to benefit him. Is this acceptable?
Now I play CPMA here and there and I to notice the difference with my ping which is usually around 40-50 on European servers. Air rockets are quite frequent when I play CPMA, while In OSP I rarely hit them, the rail is also a notch better when I play CPMA and not to mention the LG, itís seriously quite a lot better, I never was a LG pro, in fact I suck to this day, but in CPMA it doesnít really feel that I suck with LG, but I know I am.
And when I see a guy who pings twice as me play the same game as me, and I know him from OSP servers that he severely sucks there compared to me, I ask myself is this really fair? Iím all for giving players an equal ground, but in online play this certainly isnít possible. Either they suck because of the ping difference, or they are suddenly good because the netcode makes them so. In fact itís a tough question of what is better. I know that this netcode thatís in CPMA doesnít really bring the skill of a player to shine, this is a fact, it just gives players with high latency a chance to deal with the low pingers, however itís not really them thatís calling the shots itís at the mercy of the netcode. And quite frankly I donít think I want a game to make shit players suddenly good, just because they have a higher ping. I donít think thatís the future of gaming, but maybe Iím just wrong, erasing the ping difference canít be done, yet this mod is on a good step to do it, and how, well at the expense of real skill & competition if this can be said about games.

Hereís one of my many thoughts about the superiority

Now go flame, Iím eagerly awaiting rants and rage!!!