<b>How to play UT demos?</b> <small>by CarMac</small>
All the demos in UT are recorded to UnrealTournament/System and are played from there too, therefore you should unzip every downloaded demo to that directory. Once you have done that all you need to do is open UT and in the console (the default key for the console is <i>~</i> of course) type:<blockquote><i>demoplay</i> <b>filename</b></blockquote>It is that simple. On some machines, however, the demo might not run smoothly. The demo's performance depends on the strength of the computer you use to play the demo and the one that the demo was recorded on. The demo will run either too fast or too slow. To avoid that just type:<blockquote><i>demoplay</i> <b>filename</b><i>?timebased</i></blockquote>If you want the demo to run as fast as possible, then instead of the '?timebased' parameter use '?noframecap' and if you want to watch the demo as if you were spectating use '?3dperson' (I suggest not to do this as there are problems with watching the opponent's movements when he was out of sight of the recording player).

To avoid problems with running demos in UT you should install the latest patch (4.36) and Bonus Packs I and II (which contain maps, skins and mutators). Unfortunately, this is not enough. Your UT should have the same packages as the server that the game took place on so basically if you want to watch a game, you have to have all the custom mutators, cheat protects and other addons that the server was using.
If your demo does not open or UT crashes when you want to play it, then you have to open the unrealtournament.log file (located in the UnrealTournament/System directory) in the notepad and look for a spammed message that should look like this:
<i>Log: Don't have package for demo: utcv
Warning: Received invalid actor class
Warning: Received invalid actor class
Warning: Received invalid actor class
Warning: Received invalid actor class
Warning: Received invalid actor class
Warning: Received invalid actor class
Warning: Received invalid actor class
or something very similar (look from the bottom up). In this case you are obviously missing the utcv package. This might as well be a map, a mod, or anything else.
If you are not discouraged by now, you need to search the web for the package (type its name in browser like Yahoo) and put it into your UnrealTournament/System folder.
There are other ways to handle this problem though. All you need to do is to enter the server the recorded game was played on. Every package that you are missing will be downloaded to your UnrealTournament/Cache directory. Once you disconnect from the server, your demo will run properly.
The last way to get your demo to work is to download the appropriate demo enabler which is the recording player's Cache directory.

Most of the packages you need are either Callvote modes or hack protects like CSHP or UTPure.

The Vikings clan got a <A HREF=http://www.clanvikings.org/download/cshp/ >nice collection</A> of mods/cshp/utpure stuff you might need to watch that one demo. Also, the Xtreme clan has a good <A HREF= http://www.xtremeclan.nl/html/cache.php/ >cache</A> directory you can download to make your demos work.

<b>Demo Managers</b>
There are a few demo managers for UT. Personally, I use udemo20 - downloadable from <a href="http://www.badct.de">www.badct.de</a>. It allows you to open demos from directories other than UnrealTournament/System, you can also rename or delete the demos, but most importantly, it shows all the packages you need for the demo to run.
I have heard of demo managers that allow you to rewind or play the demo faster or even cut the demos but I never saw anything like it myself, so if anybody could link me to it, I would be more than grateful.
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