<b>How to play WC3 replays?</b> <small>by BlackVenom</small>

To play WarCraft 3 replays you need to extract the w3g file into the replay folder found in the main WarCraft 3 folder.

i.e. x:\warcraft3\replay

Then start up WarCraft 3 and select single player from the main menu, and then select the view replay button. You will now be taken to the replay menu were all the replays you have will be listed on the left, select the one you want to view and the details of that replay will be shown on the right. Then press the view replay button in the bottom right hand corner and the replay will load up.

Once loaded all the replay controls are located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. First you have 'replay vision' this shows you from whose POV you are watching the replay. Clicking on this will bring up a list of all the players and then you can select who you wish to view; you are able to switch between all the players through out the replay. Below this you can see how far through the replay you are and at what speed you are watching it at. Then below that are your standard controls 'pause', 'increase speed', decrease speed', and restart. If you wish to exit the replay just press F10 and exit.

<b>* note *</b> You can only view replays recorded in the same version that you have i.e. 1.00 replays will not work in 1.01 and vice versa.
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