Instructions for Full Game

Watching replays is simple. Just doubleclick the replay file in Windows Explorer and C&C3 will launch and start the replay. As of version 1.03 there are no statistics, the replay ends abruptly and you get back to the main menu, this is normal.

Instructions for Demo

The replay function exists in the demo. To enable the observer client, launch C&C3 with the switch "-spectator". For example:

"C:\Games\C&C 3 Demo\CNC3Demo.exe" -spectator
"C:\Programs\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Demo\CNC3Demo.exe" -spectator

The client enables you to watch replays, but you cannot play games from it. Therefore, it's suggested that you make a seperate link to this client. Whilst you cannot save replays in the demo, the most recent replay is automatically saved. You can then copy it, rename it and put it back into the replay directory. You cannot change that directory (if you install to c:\games instead of to program files, it doesn't save replays there). You can find that directory at :

C:\Documents and Settings\Andrew\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Demo\Replays

Or whatever your computer is called. This is where you put replays that you have downloaded. The spectator client is not working completely. There is no fast forward, pause or rewind, and you cannot observe from the AI's point of view. It also appears to have synching errors. Whilst no error messages appear, it appears to miss clicks at important stages of the replay. For example:

In this demo, the replay works fine until 10 minutes into the game, when half the Mammoth tanks are not selected. In the original game, all of the mammoth tanks were sent to the top left expansion, and the centre was cleared. You can see the problems in the replay as near the end the elite tank simply fires once at a building, then once at another etc. This is because there were originally a dozen tanks there, but the replay didn't preserve it. There're other examples such as tanks randomly reversing and pulling out of the fight, because they were part of a larger group at the time that doesn't' exist here, and so on.

However, the first few minutes work fine.
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