Name: Ryan_H
Notable Work(s): Limbo, Fever

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, interests, etc.?
Hello, Iím a salesman sorta giant, I sell molly and mary and other various items. Honestly there is nothing much I can tell about myself. Besides the fact that Iím quite depressive and boring person, but you guys already know that. I enjoy different forms of art, particularly visual ones. Music, literature, paintings, cinema Ė love all that stuff, itís a huge part of my life and Iím also trying to find different ways of expressing myself through it.

Oh, and Iím a promode player as well :3

Are you self-taught or have you taken formal classes on editing?
Yup, Iíve been learning all those features and tools by myself, though after all Iím facing the awareness of me lacking various skills and knowledge. So Iíd prefer to get some education in the future if you ask, thatís definitely the most efficient way to progress whatsoever.

What software do you use?
At this point I prefer to use Vegas and AE. Classical combination. Though, I want to learn a couple of more programs, like c4d and something for 2d motion graphics.

When starting a project, what is your approach like? Do you have a specific workflow?
Yes. It always starts with a music. Music is a basement of my movies. Iím spending lots of time searching for the right tracks. Iíve got my own criteria of a proper music for the movies. Sometimes it has nothing common with what I prefer to listen irl. And if I found a decent track Ė thatís basically a half of the job done. Iím listening to it a lot, watching frags and trying gather some accomplished image of the movie in my head. Then the editing begins.

What has inspired you in your work? Are there specific movies or moviemakers that changed the way you approach your own work?
Iíve been watching frag movies since I was a CS player, many years ago. Step by step the intention of creating something of my own had been generated. I think wnttís ďChasing DragonsĒ induced me to finally try myself out in terms of moviemaking. Speaking of movies and edits that inspires me: any of the wnttís movies, Before "Daybreak" and "Favorite 3" by impegz, "Nocturnal" by plat0n. And there is a couple of guys from the outside of the quake community: rbxcbd and RM Maniac, those two are cs/cod editors. ďHeroĒ by melechesh (aka Quake is Potat) was really good, imo. Also, "Rocket Science" by subz, "Lazery Attack" by lunokhod-2, "Dag Def Extreme 3" by pez, "Epilepsy" by Jissse.

Which of your own projects are you most proud of? Which do you think were most instrumental in your development as a moviemaker?
Frankly I donít like none of my movies so far. Iím striving to progress all the time, but due to a number of reasons it doesnít really happen fast enough. ďLimboĒ was a tough one. Itís a fine movie, still far from my ideal, since I want to reach a new level and create something way more complicated.

There is a range of game movies in terms of editing styles and structure. Some you could call some "old school" (minimal editing) and then there are very elaborate projects with significant amounts of editing. Where do you think your movies fall? In your opinion, is there an ideal balance between editing and content?
Well, it all depends on so many aspects. Iím doing my movies mostly for myself and a small audience of people who enjoy them. Personally Iím more interested now in producing something more cinematic, as well as montage heavy. Frags are not in priority. It doesnít mean that I donít care about content at all, Iím just saying that emphasis in my works will be slightly different in the future.

What do you think the future holds for game movies? Are there new styles/techniques possible?
I hope it will become more professional. Iím as a viewer, interested in watching high quality works. By ďhigh qualityĒ I imply that author invested some real efforts in his work in order to make it look better and more creative than the works of others. I believe that some heavy AE plug-ins and the trend of creating 3D Ė this is what going to allure more creative minds soon.

What advice do you have for new moviemakers?
Please try to conform some major quality standards. Youtube nowadays is full of diverse tutorials on the related topic, feel free to learn something new. Always strive and prosper.

Any last comments/shoutouts?
First of all, Iíd like to say a few words to the ESR audience: stereotypical, mundane way of thinking and judging Ė this is what kills creative intentions. Aight. Shoutouts to people who inspired me, to people who helped me, to people who support me. I appreciate that, guys. It sounds as a clichť I presume, but thatís true, without your help, support, tips and advices I wouldnít get even this far. And moviemaking has also made a huge impact on me as person and my life, at some point it literally helped me to find the reasons to keep living. See you and stay tuned.
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