Name: Kabcorp
Notable Work(s): DeFRaG World Cup 2017, Torque

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, interests, etc.?
My name is Kevin, I'm a sound engineer/technician in a theater in France. I'm also a music composer and a video game programmer for my account. I love playing and programming on old school architectures like GameBoy, Amiga, Commodore 64, arcade, etc..

Are you self-taught or have you taken formal classes on editing?
I'm self taught for the video editing. I learned by practice videos after videos. My digital passions starts at 6 years old, since I try to do things on many kinds of domains.

What software do you use?
-Sony Vegas for the compositing, but I'll switch to Adobe Premiere for sure.
-I built my own tools for doing annoying things automatically like project file structuring, custom HUD (who was programmed with wiz)
-Sony Sound Forge / FL Studio for the sound mix and enhancement
-Quake III Movie Maker Edition (aka Q3MME) for ALL editing. Yes, all effects are made in-game.

When starting a project, what is your approach like? Do you have a specific workflow?
I always start with a deep music research. Because, for me, the music makes the video. Next, I write a scheduler or storyboard, timestamps, effects and all general things to do. I have to take time, maybe a week for preparing all the structure and I start editing in one general segment.

What has inspired you in your work? Are there specific movies or moviemakers that changed the way you approach your own work?
As a DeFRaG movie maker, I really discovered the game with the McCormic's movie called Celestia featuring Arcaon runs. So I tried to make some beginner tests on Q3MME for maybe a year and the big turn for me was the release of "Edge Of The Earth" by rEnk.

Which of your own projects are you most proud of? Which do you think were most instrumental in your development as a moviemaker?
The most "clean" project for me is the DeFRaG World Cup (DFWC) 2017 movie, because demos comes one by one, it was really cool to make and also for trying new styles of cameras. Else, I like my previous videos excepted the DFWC 2012 movie who was a big fail because it was one of my first videos. I learned a lot of things from my DFWC 2017 movie so for the next project I'll try to make it better again.

There is a range of game movies in terms of editing styles and structure. Some you could call some "old school" (minimal editing) and then there are very elaborate projects with significant amounts of editing. Where do you think your movies fall? In your opinion, is there an ideal balance between editing and content?
I think I'm in the second style. I like to make my movies dynamic and immersive. An ideal balance doesn't exist for me. Only personal touch exists. =)

What do you think the future holds for game movies? Are there new styles/techniques possible?
Of course we can find a lot of new styles, ways, techniques, players, etc. Year after year, we can see better and better wave styles. Videos will be improved infinitely!

What advice do you have for new moviemakers?
Be slow at the start, try some experiments, enjoy it and choose the soundtrack list first. x) Get an SSD, because HDD are too slow for many kinds of video process.

Any last comments/shoutouts?
In general, movies make the bridge between gamers and people who don't know the featuring game. It's a really good showcase and that often puts the game in value. Thanks to all the Quake 3 Arena and mods community. I play these games since I'm a kid =') Cheers!
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