Name: morgot
Notable Works: Cypher Cypher Cypher, Nitrino

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, interests, etc.?
My name is Sergey, I'm from Moscow. I am a CG specialist on local television where I work mostly for TV series. As a hobby I draw logos. Recently, I am working on content for Since 1998 I have been playing Quake 2 and Quake 3. I really liked the games so I started making movies. Now there are two quake-project are under development, too. I hope one of them will be completed this year.

Are you self-taught or have you taken formal classes on editing?
I'm self-taught. But my uncle Igor played a huge role in my professional development. He is a video engineer and a real a walking encyclopedia of technical knowledge. Without him, I would have stagnated longer or chose the wrong path of development.

What software do you use?
I use Adobe Premiere for editing and Adobe After Effects for compositing, 3DS Max for 3D.

When starting a project, what is your approach like? Do you have a specific workflow?
When I make a movie, first I decide on the music and the picture. By "picture" I mean what will be on video and how it will look like, i.e., it's textures/models/skins/effects of weapons/2D graphics/3D graphics/approximate color correction, etc.. Then a huge phase of pre-training, when I realize, remake and adjust everything. In the third stage, I capture all the frags and make a rough cut. Then I make edits, change something, throw something away, come up with new tricks and do almost final cut, which is again carefully viewed later. At the fourth stage I finish the effects and collect the final version. Fifth stage Ė I wait for a couple of days and review movie, and then make a few more cosmetic edits. That's all. )

What has inspired you in your work? Are there specific movies or moviemakers that changed the way you approach your own work?
Most of all I was inspired by the understanding that I can do something interesting and present it to the community. In 2005, I was amazed at the Requiem for Demos by Egious.

Which of your own projects are you most proud of? Which do you think were most instrumental in your development as a moviemaker?
In General, there is nothing to be proud of, but I'm pleased with all my movies on 70-80%, starting with 3ulu4 movie, it is also a turning point in my Quake creativity. The most useful for me was constructive criticism and an outside perspective.

There is a range of game movies in terms of editing styles and structure. Some you could call some "old school" (minimal editing) and then there are very elaborate projects with significant amounts of editing. Where do you think your movies fall? In your opinion, is there an ideal balance between editing and content?
On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is minimum cut and 10 is complex cut with 3D and effects, I would distribute all my videos from 2 to 7. There is a perfect balance between editing and content, but it is very subjective and difficult to achieve.

What do you think the future holds for game movies? Are there new styles/techniques possible?
I donít know about the future of game movies, Iím very little interested in it, even in Quake movies. About new styles and methods I can say one thing: the software allows you to do almost anything even at home, so in fact you are limited only by your imagination and skills.

What advice do you have for new moviemakers?
Oh. In fact, the best and most accurate tips are very generic and almost always incomprehensible to beginners for their benefits because they do not say what to do in order to succeed. In my group in the social network there is a whole pack of tips for beginners (, unfortunately they are only in Russian but these tips are just very practical. But still, trying to give one General advice, then I would refer to this one: Software is not as important as you think.

Any last comments/shoutouts?
Thanks to lolograde for this interesting and needed project. I hope the experience and advice of its participants will be useful to someone.
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