Name: KittenIgnition
Notable Work(s): TBD

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, interests, etc.?
My name is Jean-Luc, aka KittenIgnition. I've been playing Quake since around 2009 with a little bit of console gaming before then. I was a kid back then so I was usually outside playing with friends. For some reason I've always been drawn to the more technical aspects of my favourite games, soaking up information and learning all that I can. When I found Quake, I fell in love, and have been playing/learning/teaching for almost ten years now.

Are you self-taught or have you taken formal classes on editing?
As we all know, I've never released a proper movie, though I have spent a lot of time in different editing programs. I'm a mason who never even went to high school so everything I know is self-taught.

What software do you use?
I guess Sony Vegas and After Effects. I also like learning about command-line utilities like ffmpeg and x264.

When starting a project, what is your approach like? Do you have a specific workflow?
I don't ever finish projects, probably because I don't have anything resembling a work flow.

What has inspired you in your work? Are there specific movies or moviemakers that changed the way you approach your own work?
KOS was one of the most technically experienced editors and I've wanted to learn how to do all the things he's done, but different. I like doing as much as possible in-game, via fx, scripting, and modding. KOS is a goddamn legend, constantly thinking outside the box. He's on a totally different level.

Which of your own projects are you most proud of? Which do you think were most instrumental in your development as a moviemaker?
Haha. I help people, I don't make movies. I guess that makes my cvarlist my favourite semi-complete project, though I do credit myself for birthing with my movie list many years back. ;)

There is a range of game movies in terms of editing styles and structure. Some you could call some "old school" (minimal editing) and then there are very elaborate projects with significant amounts of editing. Where do you think your movies fall? In your opinion, is there an ideal balance between editing and content?
Some people like the idea of over-editing the hell out of their movies, taking the focus off of the frags. I like any amount of editing, as long as the frags are the focus - as long as you can see what's going on.

What do you think the future holds for game movies? Are there new styles/techniques possible?
People need to do more cool shit in-game, and combine scripting with their editor of choice. Wolfcam is incredibly powerful and nobody has utilized all the awesome features it has yet.

What advice do you have for new moviemakers?
There are enough no-effort montages out there. Nobody wants those. Don't release something you aren't proud of, because it's too obvious that you didn't **really** try.

Any last comments/shoutouts?
Uh... Brugal is my friggin' man. He should set up a Patreon, and everyone on ESR should donate. He's a total pimp. I love that guy. Also Maverick. He made, he hosts ESReality right now, he made the demo renderer that sees many hundreds of demos weekly - and all for free (the Donations page is kinda hard to find on the site, even!). He's not as known in the Quake community as some other people but I think we'd all be lost without his limitless dedication and patience.
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