<img src="http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/3185/toxtereditre2.jpg" align="right" /><b>Hi, please start by stating some general information about yourself plus one interesting fact about yourself which the readers may not know...</b>
<blockquote>My name is Tassilo and I'm 23 years old. I've been living on and off in New Zealand for about three and a half years now and will be going back there to start my postgraduate degree next february. Right now I'm enjoying my gap year, spending time with family and friends as well as doing some travelling.</blockquote><b>What did you study at undergraduate level? What will your postgraduate course be?</b>
<blockquote>I completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and Economics. My postgraduate course will be an international relations degree.</blockquote><b>You finished 3rd in the German qualifiers but managed to come after slain3 pulled out...how did you find the event?</b>
<blockquote>Well, they announced the details like a week before the actual event so it was a pretty big mess, talking about german efficiency eh. </blockquote><b>When were you informed that slain3 was not going to go to the finals and formally invited?</b>
<blockquote>About 3 weeks ago I was told that I could have the spot... I was planning on visiting friends in cali and colorado this year anyways, so it fits nicely into my holiday plans. Ah, and im going two weeks to Mexico too :D!</blockquote><b>You chose not to attend both GameGune and the ESWC Masters; why was that?</b>
<blockquote>Obviously, i'm not a pro who is going to these tournaments to win. With that in mind and ESWC Masters being held in France I didn't even consider applying for a spot. I had plans to go to Gamegune and travel a bit in Spain though, but I don't have the money and energy to go to several quake lans, so i decided to go for ESWC Finals & Mexico instead.</blockquote><b>Because France sucks? =)</b>
<blockquote>They have great food!</blockquote><b>Have you tried Quake Live yet? Thoughts on the game?</b>
<blockquote>Mmmmm, I've tried it a couple months ago and it didn't look too shabby</blockquote><b>Have you tried it in team gametypes? How did you find it?</b>
<blockquote>Nope, I've only played a few duels.</blockquote><b>Going into the ESWC Finals how are you going to prepare for it?</b>
<blockquote>I haven't really played much lately, let alone vq3. I do however plan on playing a couple games next week, it remains to be seen whether that's gonna make me win a map at the comp though!</blockquote><b>=) Where do you hope to finish?</b>
<blockquote>Lets not go there, I just read the guy from UAE isn't going so......:D</blockquote><b>spammah owns! Top 3 predictions?</b>
<blockquote>1. Cypher 2. Av3k 3. Vo0</blockquote><b>Is there anyone in particular you think could cause an upset?</b>
<blockquote>I think Zero4 and Vo0 will both do very well</blockquote><b>Quick fire round:
Blondes or brunettes?</b>
<blockquote>brunettes</blockquote><b>Boobs, bum or face?</b>
<blockquote>face</blockquote><b>Favourite Q3 map?</b>
<blockquote>cpm15</blockquote><b>Quake 3 or Quake Live?</b>
<blockquote>quake 3</blockquote><b>CPM or VQ3?</b>
<blockquote>CPM</blockquote><b>Marks out of 10? <a href="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xbqdakEGzVY&quo...</b>
<blockquote>lol, im gonna have to go with a 10!</blockquote><b>Das ist Murphy's gesetz, good luck in the finals and thanks for the interview, any final shoutouts?</b>
<blockquote>shoutouts to my fellow cpmers from y and torbens monkey!</blockquote>
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