<img src="http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/7779/vo0editmm7.jpg" align="right" /><b>Hi, please start by stating some general information about yourself plus one interesting fact about yourself which the readers may not know...</b>
<blockquote>My name is Sander Kaasjager aka Vo0 and I hit my head as a kid at the age of 5 pretty hard!</blockquote><b>On what? How?</b>
<blockquote>McDonalds stairs, I tripped, and I was spraying blood everywhere. :D</blockquote><b>You've performed at a high level in CPM for years, how did you find the transition to VQ3?</b>
<blockquote>Tough. VQ3 conflicts with my CPM style. I'm too agressive and I don't have patience (that's why I suck at poker). I need more patience!</blockquote><b>You qualified in 2nd place in the Dutch qualifiers, how did you find the event? Well run?</b>
<blockquote>Was decently run I wasn't expecting anything great. I'm satisfied with my second place though, I wanted to win but I'm dumb for screwing up ztn so bad :D</blockquote><b>At ESWC Masters you only finished 4th in your group, what did you think of your performance there and the event overall?</b>
<blockquote>Event rocked, I sucked. I lost 1-2 to everyone. After watching demos I saw many mistakes and lots of stuff to improve. It was a learning experience though.</blockquote><b>Moving on to GameGune you were able to make it out of your group, do you think you had improved significantly between the two events or just had an easier group?</b>
<blockquote>My group was easier at Masters. Jibo and Nike are very strong players. I lost so closely to Jibo that I actually had great confidence before playing Nike, so I gave it my everything and knew I had chances. It were two really great matches for me. And I think I improved alot as well. I'm a quick learner! =]</blockquote><b>What is your opinion of the event, having been there? Hoping for a GameGune 2009?</b>
<blockquote>It wasn't a big event, but it was so well run. They had some hardware troubles but they did everything they can in order to have best for the players. Yezabel did an amazing job by picking players up from the airport, calling them when needed, bringing them to hotel, partying at night and next morning she's up and running the tournament again. I have a lot of respect for what she and all the other admins did for this tournament. It was great.</blockquote><b>In Quake Live's first tournament you finished 7/8th position, were you happy with this position? Had you played the game much before the event?</b>
<blockquote>I was hoping to do better, but I hardly played before the event. I came home monday night from Gamegune and left Wednesday morning. And tuesday all duel servers were down! It was more another experience for me, USA tournament are usually very fun. The matches that I lost sucked though, I felt I played a better dm6 game than fox but he just completely outaimed me (lol monitors!).</blockquote><b>What did you think of the event as a whole? You were seen in the crowd for the grand finals/guitar hero...</b>
<blockquote>Haha I was there occasionally but most of the time I was drinking a beer while being outside talking to some people, yeah it was a joke kinda. They shoulda done the finals earlier, now the tension left the room and people stopped caring (not me tho!)</blockquote><b>Who was the hottie? Did you pull?</b>
<blockquote>haha. Yea she's cute! E>. it was Iris, and we enjoyed each others company during the event.</blockquote><b>What are your views on Quake Live and its potential? Have you tried team gametypes much?</b>
<blockquote>It's a good game. Got a lot of potential. Match making is the most important feature. What's the fun if you are a new guy and come into a server (which is alot easier now) and get slaughtered 70-0. There is no fun in that. They'll quit and look for other games. The game attracts more people if they can kill too. Why is CS so popular, everyone can kill on public. Why is WoW so popular? Your character improves and you get a sense of self satisfaction. You see yourself getting better. That's what it can be like in QL too. You see yourself rising on the ladder and you wanna keep on playing. I'm tell you the matchmaking system will make or break this game. I haven't tried team gametypes at all besides CTF at Quakecon with our team FIAT (Fox Is A Traitor) consisting of Cypher, Griffin and Trito.</blockquote><b>What plans do you have for preparing for the finals? Any bootcamping?</b>
<blockquote>Just online a few hours every day. My motivation has dropped kinda since the event will use shitty monitors but I still want to do good ofcourse. Usually like 2 hours a day, some days 4 but those are rare. Before masters I played alot more and I wanted to bootcamp kinda but stuff got in the way.</blockquote><b>You've been given a high seed; do you agree with it? Is there any seedings you think are wrong?</b>
<blockquote>I agree with my high seed. I think I am a top player already, not cypher/av3k material but I am getting there. On a good day I can be a beast =8]. I think seedings are fine, if you want to win you have to beat everybody is my view usually. I don't like if22, dkt and fox group though, I like all 3 of em and it's not fun to see a good gamingfriend fall so early. </blockquote>
<b>Is there any groups you think are particularly weak?</b>
<blockquote>Av3k's group, he only has Ali Nab, cause Nike ain't going. That's a bit of a joke =[. All groups are tough, some are tougher ofcourse, but none of bar av3k's is weak.</blockquote><b>Where do you hope to finish? Top 3 prediction?</b>
<blockquote>I hope for top 3, in the money. After ESWC NL I told myself that I was aiming for top 3 at grand finals. I hope I can reach it. I need more time maybe! =[ Top 3 will undoubtly have cypher and av3k.</blockquote><b>Is there anyone in particular you think could cause an upset?</b>
<blockquote>Myself.</blockquote><b>Quick fire round:
Blondes or brunettes?</b>
<blockquote>Brunette.</blockquote><b>Boobs, bum or face?</b>
<blockquote>Face.</blockquote><b>Quake 3 or Painkiller?</b>
<blockquote>Promode.</blockquote><b>Quake 3 or Quake Live?</b>
<blockquote>Promode.</blockquote><b>VQ3 or CPM?</b>
<blockquote>CPM.</blockquote><b>Marks out of 10? <a href="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=x93JqzRLnKA&quo...</b>
<blockquote>1.</blockquote><b>Okay, good luck in the finals and thanks for the interview, any final shoutouts?</b>
<blockquote>Shoutout to my sister for coming with me to california I'll be traveling the west coast for 3 weeks with her after the event it's gonna rock. She won't read this though but <3 to her, and <3 to you-know-who.</blockquote>
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