<img src="http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/3569/matr0xeditqi6.jpg" align="right" /><b>Hi, please start by stating some general information about yourself plus one interesting fact about yourself which the readers may not know...</b>
<blockquote>Hi. Im matthew Ozga from poland i'm 23 years old :) im studying at high school and working in Media Markt, Rybnik (my city). Any interesting information about me? hmm i think im preety :DD</blockquote><b>You've earned your spot by winning the Polish qualifiers, how did you find the event and the competition?</b>
<blockquote>The tournament was very hard. As you know polish players are very good players so the competition was difficult. At least i won again polish quake 3 tournament and i'm very happy :)</blockquote><b>Looking back to ESWC Masters, what did you think of the event and your performance within it? See any hot French girls? </b>
<blockquote>Eswc masters was good show :) i am happy because i won one map with fox:D the rest of my games was very close but i cant "get out" from my group ;/ i think it will be better in San Jose :) hot french girls? a lot of hot french girls!:D</blockquote><b>Have you tried Quake Live yet? Thoughts on the game?</b>
<blockquote>No i didnt try it yet.</blockquote><b>Going into the ESWC Finals how are you going to prepare for it? </b>
<blockquote>Sure, I am playing with my brother sting as usual and on the internet.</blockquote><b>Where do you hope to finish?</b>
<blockquote>I think top 8?</blockquote><b>The ESWC final groups have just been released...What do you think of yours and your chances of making it out?</b>
<blockquote>I think i have very strong group. But if i prepare enough i think i can be first in my group or second. I think cooller (greetings to anton) will be the strongest player in the group and chance for sure :)</blockquote><b>Is there any groups you think are particularly strong or weak?</b>
<blockquote>All groups are strong.</blockquote><b>Top 3 predictions?</b>
<blockquote>1 avek/cypher 2 noctis/fox/cooler 3 me :D</blockquote><b>Is there anyone in particular you think could cause an upset?</b>
<blockquote>no :) at this moment nobody ;p</blockquote><b>Quick fire round:
Blondes or brunettes?</b>
<blockquote>both</blockquote><b>Boobs, bum or face?</b>
<blockquote>boobs</blockquote><b>Favourite Q3 map?</b>
<blockquote>pro-nodm9</blockquote><b>Quake 3 or Quake Live?</b>
<blockquote>both</blockquote><b>Who is the cooler twin? You or sting?</b>
<blockquote>me because Anton wants to take from my driver license one time because my photo was very close to him there :D</blockquote><b>Who would win in a fight? You or sting?</b>
<blockquote>ofcourse me :)</blockquote><b>Okay, good luck in the finals and thanks for the interview, any final shoutouts?</b>
<blockquote>Thx. :)</blockquote>
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