<img src="http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/1778/ddkeditdm7.jpg" align="right" /><b>Hey, please start by stating some general information about yourself plus one interesting fact about yourself which the readers may not know...</b>
<blockquote>Greetings ESReality! My name is Dan Kapadia, otherwise known ingame as 'ddk' and I turned 20 in May. I do a lot of stuff that I like and is good. The most interesting 'new thing' I will be doing is not that interesting and quite ordinary; In september I shall be going to London to begin university (after experiencing a ..double gap year, hm.) at Kingston University studying International Relations with Law - I believe this to be the quickest path to learn why americans are fat, why people dont like jews, and ofcourse the jailbait laws in sweden. Something people don't know? I like girls. I don't bat for the other team mate.</blockquote><b>You've earned your spot through the UK qualifiers, was it easier than you expected?</b>
<blockquote>Depressingly so! No-one turned up really, which obviously completely de-valued my win. Considering I practised very hard (hard for me) and felt in pretty decent shape for that event, I was geared and ready to finally take a UK title. The difference though, between a disputed and an undisputed victor is too great to draw any satisfaction for me. </blockquote><b>What did you think of the Omega Sektor and Birmingham in general?</b>
<blockquote>The venue was quite nice, i'd be interested to see how much profit they actually make though considering it looks like there's been a lot of money, time and significant effort involved to enable it to fit someones vision, yet whether the market is there for it I don't know yet!

The actual way the event was run - it too was depressing. I hate to sound negative, but it was shambles. I'm quite unsure who's fault it was, but at the event everyone was looking for someone to blame as usual. I won't go into it but there were a lot of mishaps :).</blockquote><b>Looking back to ESWC Masters, what did you think of the event and your performance within it?</b>
<blockquote>ESWC Masters was an absolutely mind blowing event, you just don't get an idea of the grandeur from copious picture galleries and videos alone. It's hard for anyone but an artist to encapsulate an atmosphere with a (video)camera. As a Brit it's pretty hard to imagine such a response from the crowd as there was in Paris Bercy those days during the Masters event, it's still not accepted in our culture.

My performance was poor and there's no denying that, it was definitely down to lack of preparation and nothing more. </blockquote><b>Have you been able to try Quake Live yet? Feelings about it?</b>
<blockquote>Quake Live is interesting indeed, i'm not as involved with it as some people, notably our Belgian Ross look-alikey Impulse or the dutch bug-finder deluxe 3000 Weird. Reason being I don't think when it comes around as a working competitive platform i'll be able to find time properly to invest in it to do anything other than a little TDM, i've played for 8 years so i'm surrounding myself with new things. So i'm indifferent, but it will be promising for sure, I don't think anything has been done like it before - and what I mean by that is, such a connection between developer and player hasn't previously ever been established. So it could be a benchmark for future competitive games should people have their heart set on gaming making an ascension into the definition or world of 'sport'.</blockquote><b>Going into the ESWC Finals how are you going to prepare for it? Any bootcamping?</b>
<blockquote>I won't be bootcamping, nothing more than a shameless amount of online practise.</blockquote><b>Where do you hope to finish?</b>
<blockquote>I always love seeing the reaction to this question in interviews. I mean some may answer it honestly or others dishonestly, but ultimately it's such a trick question. I don't think there's anyone competing who won't be aiming to win every single match to attain first place. It's instinctual. You're putting your ego on the line, by typing /ready you're committing to a situation where you have a choice. The choice is win or lose obviously, but it's a little more complicated than that because, if the individual has lost value or in other words, lost motivation - their endurance and resolve falters constantly. I guess this will lead into my answer for the upset question!</blockquote><b>Top 3 predictions?</b>
<blockquote>I haven't been following things closely so i'm not sure of current 'form', but in no particular order:

fox: a player who has shown us repeatedly what he's made of, class, cunning, consistency and professionalism; i respect that a lot.
av3k: a prodigy, now cypher is in serious i may just start calling them the twins. a great many people are impressed with their talent for sure.
cypher: unstoppable? that's what some have been saying, he took masters and quakecon with style, i've less knowledge about his q4 career but this kid is something. he's also demonstrated that he has the devotion of a champion.</blockquote><b>Is there anyone in particular you think could cause an upset?</b>
<blockquote>Well i'm almost surprised with my answer here, but I think Vo0 could create some upsets, now i've actually no idea about his current form - although I imagine it to be quite tiptop. But what clinches this for me is his devotion, or motivation to win. GJ koekenbakker.</blockquote><b>Quick fire round:
Blondes or brunettes?</b>
<blockquote>What.. no option for redheads? Have it your way, blondes.</blockquote><b>Boobs, bum or face?</b>
<blockquote>Depends if i've got my penis out at the time or not.</blockquote><b>Favourite Q3 map?</b>
<blockquote>The one where I win.</blockquote><b>Quake 3 or Quake Live?</b>
<blockquote>Quake..Thrive.</blockquote><b>Okay, good luck in the finals and thanks for the interview, any final shoutouts?</b>
<blockquote>Thanks Dird (cunt) and sorry to the guys who actually got to this point in the interview, I guess that means you read it all - Dird twisted my arm with this one! So shoutouts to whoever made it to the end.

Shoutouts to <a href="http://www.four-kings.com/">4K</a> boys, they are great lads. Especially hazz, zkyp, wallen and ..*cringe* noctis. Much love to everyone.

BYE FRIENDS!</blockquote>
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