News just in, there was a second big event this past weekend beside ESWC. The CPL held its annual Summer event in Dallas together with another stop of its World Tour.

Painkiller had yet again all the same faces. The tournament did however hold some surprises. The first one being a new face in the upper bracket quarter finals. United States of America Daler joined the club only to be defeated by Netherlands vo0.
Before the tourney vo0 had confessed to having prepared by playing WoW. Whatever United States of America Fatal1ty did the last weeks, it nevertheless took him three maps to take down the Dutchman. Waiting in the consolation final for an opponent, vo0 could watch his clanmate Sweden ztrider perform according to his prior performances - increasingly well. Sneaking behind Germany zyz and Italy stermy he had to face vo0 for a place in the final. Maybe it was due to Fata's tiger mascot, ztrider did however not manage to beat vo0. Read on for the complete rankings and the
In terms of tradition, the Counter-Strike tournament in Dallas had the longest history in this series of events. Due to the concurrent event in France, the CS tournament in Dallas somewhat became the gathering pit for all the clans not qualified for going to Paris. Most notably among them Sweden SK and Sweden fnatic from Europe, joining Canada EG, United States of America u5, Brazil mibr and some more.
Primary attention was of course focused on the new old SK squad. After three convincing victories they took on those Evil canadian Geniuses in the winner bracket final - and lost. But what a match, it took three overtimes to decide a winner which would arguably turn out to be the shaggadelic shaGuar playing one hell of a match.
fnatic and mibr had problems, to say the least, losing in the third respectively the first match. They went down in their first and second matches in the lower bracket.
SK however went straight to the finals nonetheless as United States of America Team GamerCo didn't prove to be much of a hinderance. Not much of a hinderance EG turned out in their second clash. SK took both maps and won the
Third in line was the Warcraft3 tournament. With no Koreans present, three Europeans shared the bigger part of the loot. France ToD defeated Bulgaria DIDI8 in the final, followed by Sweden ElakeDuck. The biggest surprise of the tournament was United States of America shortround who seemed to be confused by this whole contract business with mouz and 4K that he finished as seventh.

And on to the last tourney: CS Source. Not quite interesting for most parts of Europe, the first three places were accordingly taken by Americans. Among the top eight Germany dRagonz placed fourth and Germany mTw seventh. Funny sidenote: dRagonz lost the loser bracket final because they defused the bomb in a manner not allowed by CPL rules and got therefore a 17:13 victory turned into a 13:17 defeat.