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mrks of shaolin productions, known for great tricking jumping videos like the CeTuS movies and freeform has unveiled his latest creation. Reaching Aural Nirvana is a trickjumping video that is quite different from your generic trick vid. Here's what mrks has to say about it:

Taken from the description -
"It's a pleasure to present you our newest work. Reaching Aural Nirvana may be a bit of a different movie. It comes with chilled music in the first track, and a bit more danceable tunes in the second track, but overall the concept was to make a movie to relax to. LSD isn't included in the zip though. But there's a 7:10min trip that should make you reach another aural sphere. Coming with the support of 2 fs gods, I'm showing you my latest tricks. Music comes from Shpongle, Kyau vs. Albert, Astrix and the playboy number one - Benny Benassi.

Enjoy and be good !"
If you would like to sit back and relax to some smooth music and visuals, download this video now.