First of all I must say that you are allowed to call me wanker if you think I am writing BS.

Here goes:

After qcon I decided to write somethign about GTV...or more the persons that use it. GTV is a great thing because the spectators that is not there have the chance of watching the games (even delayed) "live".
However, the thing that gets me sooo QQ on GTV is the persons on it. The list of things that never fails on GTV.

1. Retards changing names into "All*LakermaN, fatal1ty, Lexer" etc. It's not amuzing, just retarded.

2. The usual "HAHHAHHAH I AM A 13 YEAR OLD PRETEEN PILE OF SHITE, NOW I AM GOIGN TO BE FUNNY!!!! [1-man-newbie-clan, called something like FFGETA11SHAX]Haxxor_k1ller_m3gaz01d says "CALLVOTE KICK BUSH ::)))))))))))))))))))))))".
Yes, you guys are so funny. If you want to talk politics it is good for you, but dont do it on a fooking GTV where nobody cares nor thinks you are funny.

3. The <insert cool name, with a 1 man newbie clan tag infront of it> HOW I WATCHE THE GTV?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
when it says "type \gtv_watch 2 fe. to watch games"
ok to ask, but to spam this line 1000 times so fast you dont even have time to see the answer is just..good game.

4. The cool guys that acts tough on GTV when they are 12 year old and says things like "omg!!! that umm..czm guy (who is he) is noob! I am better he miss everything.

5. The spam of doom. This is something that never fails. The spam is always HUGE, people caps, use 10000 "!!" or "??" and spam "funny things" as "respect the paco". Call me boring but I do not find that very funny when 10 people spamming it in caps. To this point I would also add smilies. Ok, he just pummled a guy that had every weapon and 200/200 and that is worht a smiley according to some people. Ok, it can be worth to use a smiley instead of writing "haha" or whatever. But it seems like people have gtvconfigs with "bind 1 say :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))" bind 2 say <insert "funny comment in capslock style and use 10000 !! or ?? afterwards>
bind 3 say "HE IS NOOB GO MOTHER RUSSIA (or any other country, it is not only the russians that is good at using that bind" and then put a weight on those 3 buttons so everyone can see that he/she is the person with the coolest binds on GTV.

"Why dont you use \gtv_nospeech" you might ask. Well, I like to be able to talk to others/get information about what game it is, when next game starts etc.

Might edit this post somethign with spelling/grammar, I apologize if I hurt your feelings etc. but I had to let it out of me, my heart would break otherwise.