Well last time i posted on here was about my 1.4 Vauxhall Astra

Since then a lot has changed, for instance the timing belt went on it. so thought fuck it, it's a 1993 car so i need a new one :)

Now i have myself a

2004 Fiat Punto 1.4 Multijet Turbo

and here is what i have done so far :)

Pic 1 - Day Time
Pic 2 - Day Time
Pic 3 - Night Time Neons
Pic 1 - Day Time

Limo tints... as u can faintly see the neons in the back o the car too through the tints in the night time pic

gettin suspension lowered very soon :) and some brand names on both sides of the car...
off to crail this weekend (8th of aug) so cu there if u go :)
Redline Mad will be there, chicks, cars n music


Last edit-

The manafacture names that i'm puttin on me car that are installed in or on the car are.

Nankang (Tyre's)
Nitros Oxide Systems (NOS)
HKS (Engine)
Lenso (alloys)
Fuel Car Underground Lightning Kit 9000 Volts (under car neons)
and i forgot who made my performance air filter but that too :)