NE|ra and NE|dawgpound of Freshbeat Productions present our UT2004 movie!

The movie was edited and created by NE|ra. NE|dawgpound helped record and capture the frags. Most of the frags featured are from the point of view of dawgpound and ra, along with frags from NE|unity, NE|toque, and NE|ono. You'll need the newest 5.2 Divx codec to view this movie. All of the frags featured in this movie are from TDM and 1v1 matches.

The quality isnít the best it could have been due to using Fraps for the capturing. The new command dumpframes wasnít introduced until the movie was 95% done, so excuse the quality :D. Runtime is 7:38 and the file weighs in at 172 MB.

We hope you'll enjoy this presentation from all of us at Team No Escape and Freshbeat Productions.

We might have more mirrors up in a day or two. Enjoy!

(P.S. - How would I get this posted on the main site on ESR if people like it? Thanks.)