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I have made an avi of the 1st map of the PKEURO 1on1 grand final. (brackets)
The purpose of this avi is to show people how Painkiller is played on a higher, and more importantly, official level. After all, this is a grand final. The shoutcast helps a bit to heighten the tension level.
The game is between Vo0 (POV) and deatz. The avi has synched commentary by trillian from iTG. The played map is DM_Sacred. The match length is 10 minutes and the length of the avi is 10:44 (it has a crappy intro/outro) :)
Size is 283MB, but the quality is rather good (640x480, 30fps, 128kbit mp3 sound), so you can see the game clearly.
Hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave some comments.