ok, now i'm writing again in my beatiful journal. I hope that you will enjoy this note, beacause it's supposed to be interesting ... :D.

yesterday match, Poland vs Sweden in Nations CPMa TDM cup wasn't played. Why? Answer is simple: head admins of this cool, leet cup likes team Sweden very much. They loves Sweden. Why? Match postponed couse fac is at the cinema, lodis is playing floorball and marc never showed up ... Lol, I don't have anything against Sweden (they have god cpma players, they know what is "fucking" cpma about) but now this is a big lol. This game was supposed to be played 18.01.2004, today is 2.02.2004. why head admins don't like Poland CPMa representation? Poland have nothing to say right now, match is postponed and over. Why We didn't take w/o? Is Sweden afraid of Poland? I don't play in TeamPoland because simple, i am not that good. But i am an head admin of Challenges Poland, journalist for polish Quake III Arena websites, so i now what is this shit about.

Ok, i'am finishing. I now that this note is boring and %$^$$ 6^$, but that's true ... Berserk TDM Nations CUP don't like TeamPoland. Are we too good?