The first weekend of the second edition of the ESReality Online tournament kicked off yesterday night with some great QuakeWorld and Quake3 2v2 NA action. A few sad things happened as well though, a couple of the RTCW clans dropped out of the tournament 18 hours before the tournament start, because of this we decide to move the RTCW tournament over two separate Sundays, starting tomorrow at 14:00 CET, 21 September 2003. The last matches will be played in the second weekend of the ESo2 at 16:00 CET, 5 October 2003 also on a Sunday, the grand final is at 19:00 CET.

Today is the second day of the ESReality Online tournament, hopefully things will go smoother now. Tonight at 19:30 CET we start again with the people from TsN live covering the first QW match of the day: Netherlands Reppie vs United Kingdom Serox (listen)

Q3 2v2 NA: t9(cl0ck/viju) vs s69 (etcz/daler) [/hide] (list applies to all games)
Inside you will find everything you need to follow each event this weekend including GTV and shoutcast information. I hope to see everyone in #eso on qnet! Don't forget to check out the fixtures!

10:00 CDT, 21 September 2003
Europe Game Point AMD vs Germany Advanced Online Losers.MSI
12:00 CDT, 21 September 2003
Netherlands EYEBALLERS vs Europe rewind
13:00 CDT, 21 September 2003
United Kingdom Four Kings Intel vs Norway Instant Defeat
14:00 CDT, 21 September 2003 - First round Loserbrackets
Sweden iN vs Europe rew

16:00 CDT, 21 September 2003
Germany a-L vs United Kingdom (LB)
Europe gmpo.AMD vs Norway id (WB) (RESCHEDULED)

Moved to 5 october:
Belgium K vs Netherlands EYE / Europe rew[/hide]
Thanks to
Zarkof from Cyberleagues for making some modifications for us at the Cyberleagues website.
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