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Organiser: Brad "sephy" Rajani, Doug "citizen" Suttles
Location: North America, online
Date: 13 Apr 2003

Online cpma 4v4 tdm tournament, sponsored by Speakeasy, ATI technologies, and Intel.

Registration is now complete, with 50 teams signed up containing over 500 participants. Most, if not all matches will be covered by TSN and GTV.

There are some great prizes available thanks to the sponsors, and this tournament will have some really great matchups. Be sure to check them out!

April 13th, at 10:00EST the tournament will kickoff with Team Abuse, and the Stickmen going head to head in an exhibition match on cpm21. This will be broadcasted live, and being two of the top
teams in this tournament, it will be an exciting game to say the least.

Also, every Monday night at 10:00 EST, Speakeasy DSL will be hosting a "Match of the week replay" on GTV. One of the features GTV has is the ability to replay demos back to spectators connected to the server. Thus, anybody who missed one of the better games from the previous week will now be able to see it again as a pre-recorded match. This way you can enjoy watching a demo, but with a little company by your side, and perhaps some playful commentary from your peers. We'll start things off this coming Monday, with a replay of Sunday's exhibition match.

Schedules for the first week have been posted, be sure to upgrade to CPMA v1.1, and grab the new map pack (number 5)

Source:WANsanity homepage