I have not found any news or announcements on this website, there actually was a quake 4 duel tournament.

As you can see in announcement on quake 4 website - https://wwwq4.ru/tournaments/quake-4-240fps-d...mber-2020/

Welcome to the first Duel Tournament of Quake 4 Masters League.

Timelimit: 8 mins.

Map Pool: Placebo, Monsoon, Phrantic.

Servers: all matches are played on the WwW servers. 240hz Q4Max Competetion Mod. Server selection is based on fair ping.

WwW Moscow — connect msk.wwwq4.ru

WwW Europe — connect eu.wwwq4.ru

Server located in Kyiv is now available especially for the tournament — connect ua.wwwq4.ru

Date: September 12 | 5pm (Moscow time)

Prize Pool

1. Invitation to FCDP Clan, Discord Badge Role, demo review and <30 min coaching by God of War Sanchez. (10000 euro worth)
2. Invitiation to FCDP Clan, Discord Badge Role. (4000 euro worth)
3. God Training Access, Discord Badge Role. (1000 euro worth)
To participate you must join our Discord.
All matches are run through ranked Elo Bot, and initial seedings depend on your position in the Elo Ladder.

The tournament is over.

1st place — Equanox

2nd place — Revan

3rd place — drejjk

From what I heard on their discord there is gonna be more tournaments in the future. As active quake 4 players already surpassed 60 people, and discord has 250 members (not only quake players).