Hello, i need the help from Quake players to know something about this video.
I'ts a really, really long story, and trying to explain it here would just take an awful ammount of time. So basically, this is what's happening.
I come from an online community, where this guy going by the name "Tekaese" who we tought to be our friend, resulted to be a lying and manipulative scumbag. He lied to us for more than 8 years, he made us belive all sort of things about him, but the worst part it's that he pretended to have a sister, he had two accounts, his original one and the one from his "sister", to this day we don't know who is the girl in the pics he used to pretend to be his sister.

This guy it's nothing but a scumbag, he not only did that but also manipulated other ppl online and threatened to kill himself if they didn't so the things he asked for.

Anyways, this is the video in question that i need your help with.


"Sidimey" it's the online name "Tekaese" Gave his "sister" when he played games with us, and interacted with us in anyway.
This was recorded back in 2017, and none of the ones playing in that video (except for Tekaese) played quake before, so we didn't have any knowledge on the game.
Now, my community knows, what Tekaese it's a lying, and that Sidimey it's not a real person, but we need help explaining this video, as you can see Tekaese and Sidimey are playing at the same time, and i'm guessing that one of them (either Tekaese or Sidimey) it's a bot, cause there is no way to play in two accounts at the same time and move around that much.
This is the part were i need the help from quake players, i'm sure you guys are able to identify bots when u see one, please look at that video and tell me wich one it's the both, Sidimey or Tekaese.
And if none of them are bots, then that would open a lot of new ttheories for us, because as i said before, Sidimey dosen't exist, so who was playing under name?

Tldr; Watch the video, and tell me if Tekaese or Sidimey are bots