War Dogs Sound Off! WOOF WOOF

1. chalq
2. kwong
3. santile

Welcome to the War Dogs War Zone, where immortal champions battle for control of the Eternal Arena. The War Dogs are proud to present Chalq's Dog Pound Monthly, sponsored, created, directed, and maintained by Chalq. Featuring the largest North American prize pool in the history of 2020 North American CPM tournaments, Chalq has kindly donated FIVE HUNDRED heckin' dollarinos to the top 3 finishers, with 5 $10 Steam gift cards provided for randomly selected failcringe losers. Join the Dogs of War in the Battle Arena on May 16 for the first EVER CPM Dog Pound Monthly.

About the War Dogs
The War Dogs is a hierarchyless digital anarchogamer egregore that is + friendly and celebrates Inclusivity and Diversity. What is + friendly? Each and every War Dog leads a Unique and Meaningful life, and constraining such individuality to limited acronyms such as LGBT is inherently exclusive to the plethora of paths we take on our personal journies. Throw your paw in with the War Dogs to fight Bigotry in Gaming (and Nazis)!

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