60 fps is way better than 30fps, but still not good, not for quake 4 or God of War standards.
I tried recording 120fps, its so smooth and all the flicks look so much better, on 60fps you just dont get enough visual information
the whole flick could be inside one frame, which sux
fps gaming should move away from graphics obsession towards a high locked fps
low / medium / high settings make no sense for any fps game
1000 frames per second
The human eye can physiologically detect up to 1000 frames per second.
1000 FPS should become the norm for any fps game
and it should be locked there not jumping around
and monitors should all go 1000hz
because currently we are like playing tetris
there are 1000hz in real life, but only 60hz in most games
wtf is that?
kovaaks with bots? fake simulation of life?
real war conditions is 1000hz not 60hz

Everyone who agrees with this testament, upvote this and spread in your local communities. We must get this message across the stupidity of Valorant and Diabotical and other pseudofps games.

As you can see here, I am limited by poor quality of technology advancement.