Short list of concerns / feedback from the best team of beta testers this game could hope on. It seems like no people with skill have ever tested this game before.....

1. Melee weapons are completely broken, animation / has no correlation with actual hitbox or hitting.
2. Viewpoint is broken, the guy on the floor below actually sees more than the guy on the floor above. Physics tell us the opposite, but this game has viewpoint from your butthole that is stuck on your feet.
3. Scoreboard is broken. Utterly and completely.
4. No stats?
5. Game crashes often, too often. I had like 10 blackscreens in 2 hour stream. Sometimes you will have to reboot PC.
5.5. Whats more if you crash all your ingame settings is lost, so good luck.
6. LG has no KNOCKBACK on the ground. Does not feel like LG at all, What a fucking joke. All other weapons have knockback.
7. Rocket Launcher has no knockback in the air, so no air rockets guys.
8. Rail gun 60dmg? What a fucking useless Joke. Takes 5 rails to kill anybody.
9. The hitboxes are trash. Legs and hands dont exist. But you can see them.
10. Adadad animation is bugged, it seems moving but the hitbox is actually not moving.
11. Cannot hide weapon models?
12. Cannot make real brighskins, visibility is subpar at best.
13. Instagib with projectile crossbows, really? Fuck off.
14. You cannot actually find games as "servers are not available".
15. All lobbies seem to be bugged.
16. LG fights take no skill, its all random, rockets dynamics is broken and weapon switches are too fast, also taking the skill out of equation.
17. No rocketjumps. This game has rocketjumps that feel like garbage. You cant get high or fast.
18. ??? If you have something to add - just write a comment below.

2GD what have you been doing those 6 years?

At current state the game is unplayable.
Weapons dont feel or resemble actual Quake. They are not enjoyable in the least.
This is more of a warsow clone, that unlike warsow, fails to work and load up.

You can find the actual video of closed beta test with live commentary on my official youtube channel and twitch.